Capital Allowances Enquiry Dispute Resolution Service


Dispute resolution service for HMRC enquiries in to capital allowances claims.

At Elect we are delighted to offer our Capital Allowances Enquiry Dispute Resolution service (CAEDRS) to the open market.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry we are ideally placed to provide a balanced independent assessment of both the legal and legislative entitlement to claim capital allowances. We can then assess and the quantum of your claim that is under enquiry with HMRC.

Whilst HMRC Enquiries will inevitably run for a number of months, there is no need for that to become years. Unfortunately this all too often becomes the case, especially where both parties become entrenched in their own position and reached an impasse.

This situation, through no fault of their own, is unlikely to result in the best outcome for the end client and can result in excessive costs being amassed.

CAEDRS provides the solution for both sides. Elect will ensure that the end client’s full entitlement to Capital Allowances is achieved, thus ensuring that the correct amount of tax is paid to HMRC.

Regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Elect is owned by Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Iain Stamp MRICS, and former HM Inspector of Taxes, Richard Hier.

Richard will review the due diligence that has been undertaken to establish the entitlement to make the claim. Liaising directly with HMRC on your behalf to understand the basis for the enquiry and will ultimately negotiate with HMRC to agree the correct Capital Allowances position.

Once the entitlement to make a claim has been established, Iain will review and test the pricing element of the Capital Allowances claim. This will include any “just and reasonable” apportionment required on the purchase of a second hand property, before giving his opinion on the true value of the claim.

Throughout the CAEDRS process we will liaise with the end client and/or accountant to ensure that we are in possession of the full facts. We will present our defence to HMRC in such a way to bring matters to their earliest equitable conclusion.

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