Construction Cost Consultancy

From benchmarking to quantity surveying, Elect have you covered

The cost certainty and effective cost management you need for embarking on a construction project

Here at Elect we offer a construction cost consultancy service through our in house Chartered Quantity Surveyors. Cost certainty and effective cost management are essential for any Client embarking on a construction project. We therefore offer advice to clients on all aspects of the design, procurement and construction process.

With our Construction Cost Consultancy team employing state of the art software and technology we are constantly improving our efficiencies and allowing us to keep up to date with the industries future thinking. We also fully integrate with the design team in offering Building Information Modelling (BIM) services.

Our primary objective is to exceed our clients expectations through use of the latest technology married with traditional construction knowledge and experience.

Our construction cost consultancy team offer the following services

Quantity Surveying

Feasibility Studies



Cost Planning

Procurement advice

Tender Preparation

Tender Reporting

Cost Management

Final Accounting

Bank Monitoring

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Case Studies

Bromley Hays – Bills of Quantities (commercial)

We have provided a full Bill of Quantities for our client Bromley Hays for the £1.2m refurbishment of a high end car dealership and show room.

The works included a full strip out of the existing fittings and total re-modelling of the internal layout of the property. It needed to be completed in phases in order for the premises to be fully functional during the refurbishment works.

Due to the high speed turnaround required by the client, the project was resourced sufficiently to allow the Bill of Quantities to be completed within a one week period.

The Stafford Arms – Feasibility (leisure)

We provided feasibility cost advice to a local pub, The Stafford Arms in Bagnall, to establish the best option for extending their seating capacity.

The client has a very successful restaurant element to their pub and wanted to maximise the number of covers to meet demand. The options were to extend the building to create a new kitchen and remodel the existing space to maximise occupancy, or to simply remodel the existing space to a more efficient use.

We provided detailed cost advice to the client and this allowed them to finally decide which option was most viable and best value for money?

Dover Harbour – Tendering Advice (commercial)

We provided tendering advice and prepared tender documents for works to Dover Harbour using the NEC 3 suite of contracts.

The purpose of the project was to provide cathodic protection to different structures within the eastern and western docks. The works involved the installation of sacrificial anodes below water to protect various steel structures from accelerated low water corrosion.

Construction works included assembly of components to support the substantial anodes, working with divers and lift equipment to position them within the correct areas of the port, plus various welding and cabling activities to ensure electrical continuity of the system.

We liaised with all the relevant parties to obtain the necessary information and provided a comprehensive document to achieve the most competitive and fair tender returns.

Burton Hospital NHS Trust – Feasibility (public)

The feasibility cost advice provided to Burton Hospital NHS Trust was to establish a business case for a new £2.7m hospital atrium entrance with shopping facilities and an enclosed bridge link.

Additionally, the retail element of the facility needed to self-fund from the rental income over a period of time.

The new entrance would provide a central function for introducing patients and visitors to the hospital and consolidate the current multiple entrance scenario. The new walkway would enable patients to be transferred between separate buildings without having to cross roads or face the elements – providing a safer and more comfortable experience.

We provided our client with the initial cost advice, liaised with other professionals to establish rental potential and reported on the feasibility of their brief – allowing them to make a properly informed decision.

Domestic Property – Cost Advice & Procurement

The cost advice was for two state of the art new build domestic properties. After the demolition of an existing property we were introduced to the project by the architect at the time planning approval had been achieved.

The client had already received quotations from contractors based on preliminary designs and wanted to negotiate with one contractor in particular.

Having already tested the market, we analysed the initial quotation and negotiated the contract sum with the contractor, taking into account all of the clients revised requirements and the imposed planning obligations. We were then in a position to advise the client that the price was fair and reasonable to proceed with further negotiations.

In order to meet the clients budget we advised, in conjunction with the architect, on alternative building methods and materials which could achieve the clients requirements and budget.

Upon satisfactory negotiation of the contract sum, we collated the contract documents and issued to all parties formalising the negotiations and putting the client in a comfortable position to move forward the with build.

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